A Successful Store Rebranding Journey with Debra

Over the past 8 months we have had the unique privilege of leading a comprehensive store rebranding initiative for Debra.

We have been helping to transform ‘Debra’s’ retail landscape as they unveil their new, fresh, vibrant brand identity. Their new look and feel now graces the majority of their stores, allowing them to stand out in the Charity sector.

Embarking on a rebranding journey is no small feat, but with passion, creativity, and a clear vision, ‘Debra’ entrusted us with the task of breathing new life into their stores.

From a refresh of existing storefronts to full design and execution of new stores.

Our dedicated team worked hand in hand with ‘Debra’ to understand their values, target audience, and aspirations, ensuring that the rebranding process reflected the essence of the brand.

Finishing touches for the stunning New Look new head office.

We have had the pleasure of working with New Look on a journey of transformation on their new head office space in Aldgate, London.

Watching this empty shell develop into a remarkable, dynamic workspace resulting in a beautiful central hub for their staff in London.

Working closely with New Looks architects, designers and brand strategists, we were asked to get involved with intricate process of layering over exciting brand finishing touches onto the new beautiful spaces, bringing their brand to life.

Having worked with New Look over the past few years, we understand their brand identity, values, and vision. The result is a seamless blend of contemporary design and functional workspace solutions, finished with our custom instillations and branding.

Complete store design and install. The Cotswold Company – Bath.

We are honoured to continue our collaboration with The Cotswold Company, designing, and installing their latest store interior in Bath.  Our fourth store in a series, highlighting the reach of the brand’s expansion.

The brief: to design a space to showcase the beautiful range of furniture; but it’s not only about the furniture, it’s also about translating the timeless charm of Cotswold’s online offerings into a tangible, immersive experience.

Just like this one, we usually start with a building that already has lots of character and we carefully design the interior to compliment it. The use of premium materials, strategic lighting and highlights of inspirational imagery results in a beautiful brand journey for the customer to experience.

Each interior aims to create a welcoming environment where customers can touch, feel, and truly experience the craftsmanship that defines The Cotswold Company.